Sunday, 16 February 2014

We Hiring Python Candidates - RADOMIR

·         Candidate should have 4 + years of experience completely in  the relevant profile.

·         We would require candidates who are really interested in the process to work , as I would not be keen in processing candidates who are reluctant and come up declining the offer after it is being made. This would create a bad impression with the US counterparts and the team over here. 

·         We would want candidates who can join us by (less than 1 month/1month or at the maximum 45 days) provided the candidate gives us a guarantee.

Positions as per experience are as follows ;

1st Person : Managerial/Tech Lead(6 +years – 8+ years ) – Python+Django(Mandatory)+Plone/Zope/Grok(Mandatory)
2nd Person : Senior Software Engineer ( 5 – 6 Years) - Python+Django(Mandatory)+Plone/Zope/Grok(Mandatory)
3rd Person : Software Engineer (4+ Years and 5) - Python+Django(Mandatory)+Plone /Zope+ Joomla/Drupal/Alfresco(Any one of them)

Experience can vary a bit based on the quality of profiles sent .

Job Location :

1st Preference: Chennai
2nd Preference : Noida
3rd Preference: Bangalore/Mumbai/Hyderabad

If anyone interested, Kindly share your CV @

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